Our Foaling Procedures

Please be informed that we currently have our facility for sale. If you would like to book your mare we would be pleased to do so. If the facility does end up selling we would inform you as soon as possible.

We ask that you have your mare arrive a month to two weeks before her due date. This gives her time to get comfortable with us and her new surroundings.

When she begins to bag up she will be in the heated barn at night and 24-hour monitoring begins. A foal alert transmitter may also be attached at this time. (birth monitoring system)

At the time of foaling, we will be with her and ideally, she will foal on her own, but if she does need help we are right there to assist her.

After the foal is on the ground we stay with them until the following are completed:

  • Mare has been given pain medication.

  • Evaluation of mare colostrum using a colostrum refractometer.

  • The foal is standing.

  • The umbilical cord is disinfected.

  • Enema is administered to the foal.

  • The foal is sucking on its own/or bottle-fed if necessary.

  • The foal has passed meconium.

  • A Snap foal IGg test within 24 hours (A test to ensure the foal has received adequate antibodies from the mare's colostrum) (additional fee)


We will continue to monitor both mare and foal 24 hours a day for at least two more days.

A foaling fee of $500 covers the above (foal alert suturing process and the cost of any medication used additional cost) this fee does not include any emergency fees.

In case of an emergency, Dr. Chad Hewlett from Energy Equine will be contacted.

Our rates are $20 per day and then $25 per day after the mare has foaled. This price covers hay and grain. (If any special feed or supplements are required we ask you to provide it)

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to call or text us.

Thank you again, All of us at O’Brays

Brylee 403-483-6263

Dana 403-479-1148

Ralph & Betty 403-479-1386